SUNDAY HUMOUR: Miami Heat Fan Staying Classy!

miami heat fan

For decades now, fans have mistreated athletes in numerous ways. Every incident is shameful, but some are outright funny and shameful at the same time. Most fans get caught up in the hype and forget that athletes are like any other hardworking person…except they get paid millions more. A few weeks ago we got to see how classy the city of Miami truly is after Joakim Noah was making his way off the court after being ejected in in Game 2. The blonde Miami Heat fan flashed him the middle finger while screaming in Noah’s face. But the kicker was the security guard who stood inches away and watched the whole thing unfold.

The brightest spot out of this whole incident was that for this fan’s sake it wasn’t Ron Artest, who would have decked her as she leaned over with the middle finger.

Okay….yes, we are a day late with Sunday Humour, but give us a break…we’re still recovering from the Halid Beslic Concert in Toronto :)

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