Jimmy Choo 4 Him

Jimmy Choo 4 Him…Finally! This may be fresh news to some of you, while for the rest of you this will be old news. Jimmy Choo’s strategy to enter the men’s fashion market, and diversify into a full-fledged brand that caters to men and women is fully underway. The first test came with a very successful fragrance launch, and in January 2011 men’s footwear was the next launch and a step towards the luxury evolution.

According to former CCO of Jimmy Choo Tamara Mellon, she said then that the men are targeting exude confidence and style. In a short span of twenty years she has turned a small shoemaker into a major global brand worth over $500 million. Sadly what any don’t realize that Jimmy Choo shoe’s are not even made anymore by the man who invented the brand in 1996. While it bears his name, he “has had minimal contact” with the label since he split from it in 2001 and only creates shoes privately for a very small circle of Jimmy Choo shoe lovers.

Currently Holt Renfrew carries Jimmy Choo shoes for men in Canada. For a bigger selection, check our Saks 5th Ave online – they ship timely, provide pricing in Canadian dollars and take care of all the customs jargon.

Despite all the illustrious craftsmanship, Jimmy Choo brand has been in a slight limbo ever since last November, when Tamara Mellon suddenly left Jimmy Choo. While she helped build the brand to what it is today, Jimmy himself was bought out in 2001 for reportedly $135 million. There have been whispers here and there that he’s been trying to get his brand back and has a strong backing through Chinese investors.

Time will tell what happens with the Jimmy Choo brand, but if you’re in a position to afford a lovely pair of these unique type of shoes…..well consider yourself lucky and enjoy it for however long they last!

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