Comparing Canada to Bosnia

bosnia hercegovina

Today’s post is not about the history of Bosnia or the past issues affecting the country. Rather we wanted to share some neat facts that compare Canada to Bosnia. Aside from the obvious such as Canada being a much larger country by population and area, we discovered other more interesting fun facts.

Presently Bosnia and Herzegovina’s population hovers around 4.6 million people – making Bosnia the 119th largest country in the world by population. Since it’s deceleration of sovereignty in October 1991 which was later followed by a deceleration of independence from former Yugoslavia on March 3rd 1992 the population hasn’t grown significantly – especially after a war that lasted nearly five years. Even though a lot has changed, there haven been very minor changes in the core values of Bosniaks, history and it’s culture. Even though as Bosnian-Canadians living in Canada, we’re fortunate all the opportunities and things that come our way, but have you ever thought about living back home?

Here’s what you could expect if Bosnia were your home instead of Canada:

  • You’d have a 4.7% greater chance to be unemployed.
  • As a consumer of oil, you’d likely use 90.63% less oil than what you currently use in Canada.
  • Obviously you’d make less money in Bosnia, to the tune of 83.59%
  • Have 77.96% greater chance of dying from infancy
  • The life expectancy at birth in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 78.66 while in Canada it is 81.29. So, you’d likely die 2.63 years sooner.
  • The number of adults living with HIV/AIDS in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 0.10% while in Canada it is 0.40%, therefore you have a 75% less of a chance to contract HIV/AIDS.
  • Per capita public and private health expenditures combined in Bosnia and Herzegovina are $616 USD while Canada spends $3,673 USD. Bosniaks spend 83.23% less on healthcare. 

Pretty interesting stats to say the least. Now, since we’ve piqued your interest, we’re pretty certain that you’re wondering where these stats are coming from. Visit IF IT WERE MY HOME to get more in depth stats and how the stats are actually calculated. There’s also a very interactive map that shows the size of Bosnia in comparison to the current area you’re living in right now. After we saw the map, let’s just say that probably quite a few Bosnia’s can fit into Ontario alone.

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