Children at Work in Bangladesh

Children at work in Bangladesh is a normal everyday scene in a country taht has been fighting child labor for over twenty years. Even though fighting for survival seems to be becoming the normality of life whether in the western society or other parts of the world, opportunities exist for taking for anyone living in the western society mostly due to better standards of living and a greater respect for the humankind. Working in other parts of the world such as China, India and Bangladesh everyday is fight for survival which has it’s own meaning. Lets just say that everyone is for them selves starting at a very early age.

Close to four million children under the age of 14 years in south Asian country of Bangladesh spend a greater part of the day working under difficult conditions and fighting for survival. Monthly income of a child laborer generally doesn’t exceed ten dollars.

Bangladesh as a country that has been fighting an economic crisis in which the minimum monthly salary is $50. Unemployment in this country is extremely high. Although since 1992 the country prohibited the use of child labor, a large number of children in Bangladesh continue to be illegally used as cheap labor.

According to latest information from UNICEF, about four million children aged 14 years or younger are still on the job market in Bangladesh. Majority of them are children that work in order to help poor parents by working at the market, in foundries, brick kilns, and at railway stations.

UNICEF goes on further to report that close to 215 million adults in the world are searching for a job in any given day. Despite this, children in Bangladesh do not have the opportunity to attend school, or play as their peers in the rest of the world. The other downside to children working in Bangladesh is that a large number of them work as slaves in risky activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution, or participation in armed conflicts.

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