8 Hobbies that Can Earn You Some Extra Cash


Some people live for their hobbies, loving every moment they get to spend participating in their favorite activities and pastimes. Hobbies can actually be profitable, if you choose the right hobby you’re passionate about.

Here are a few hobbies that can earn you some extra cash.

Capture It: Photography as a Profitable Hobby

If you’re a photo-enthusiast, consider turning your casual interest into a part-time, cash-generating machine. There are dozens of free photography classes and resources online to help you refine your photography skills. Once you’ve developed a talent at capturing great photos, offer your services to friends and family for a fee.

Flex Your Creative Muscles with Art

Arts and crafts have long been a way to earn some extra spending money if you have talent. Everything from paintings to knit scarves can turn into a little pocket cash if you offer your wares for a price.

Graphic Design: Profitable Career or Part-Time Hobby?

Do you know your way around Photoshop and Freehand? Designing logos and digital art for use on the Internet can be quite the profitable hobby.

A Shopaholic’s Dream: Personal Shopper

Depending on where you live, you can earn extra cash as a personal shopper for busy executives or the elderly. Whether it means hitting up the local mall for the latest runway fashions or delivering a basket of groceries to your aging neighbor, there are plenty of opportunities to get paid to shop.

Love Animals? Become a Pet Sitter

Families traveling out-of-town often need help taking care of their pets while they’re away. If you’re a pushover for the four-legged friends, you could earn some pocket change or more by tending to pets while their owners are away. Looking for a more regular paying gig? Start a dog-walking service.

Blog Your Way to the Bank

If you enjoy writing, have always kept a journal, or simply have a lot to say around a particular topic, take to the Internet and start broadcasting your thoughts. A blog can turn profits ranging from zero to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. It all depends on how much work you want to put into it.

Profit from Great Deals: Become an eBay Reseller

If you’re really savvy at grabbing great deals from sites such as Pricegrabber.com, you could cash in and resell your finds for a profit on eBay. The trick to a successful career as an eBay reseller is to capture the best deals on popular products and resell them when they’re in high demand.

Put Your Organization Obsession to Work

Are you one of those organization freaks envied by friends and co-workers everywhere? Satisfy your own compulsive need to create order and make a buck or two while you’re at it by organizing homes and closets for your friends.

Final Thoughts

Wherever your passion lies, there’s likely a way to monetize your hobbies.If done right, hobbies can be turned into a profitable business that can earn you a comfortable side income.  Take a look around to see just how many people are doing what they love and taking it to the bank.

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