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u2 sarajevo concert 1997

17 Years Later: U2 Concert in Sarajevo

Seventeen years ago on September 23, 1997, U2 changed the way that concerts are done forever. On a mild Tuesday night in September 1997, Kosevo Stadium become a centerpiece for one night- similar to what Kosevo was thirteen years earlier during the 1984 Winter Olympics. Irish rock band U2 changed created history by playing a major concert in war-torn Sarajevo that was under siege for over 1400 days less than two years earlier.  Music is the only thing … [Continue Reading]


Miralem Pjanic of Bosnia-Herzegovina

History Maker Bosnia Qualifies For First World Cup

Not since March 1st 1992 has a date meant as much significance as October 15, 2013. But 21 years, 7 months, 15 days later history was made once again as Bosnia qualified for its first ever World Cup happening … [Continue Reading]

edin dzeko

Edin Dzeko to Arsenal?

Edin Dzeko aka the super sub, which is not the best nick name to have, is wasting his time in Manchester City. The talented striker has proved that he can play in the English league, but in the mind of an … [Continue Reading]


The Imaginary Yugoslavian Soccer Team Today

As big sports fans, it's not hard for us to reflect back to the once existing Yugoslavian soccer team. This reflection has lead us at times to ask ourselves an open-ended question: Where would Yugoslavia be … [Continue Reading]

adem ljajic

The National Anthem is Stopping Adem Ljajic From Going Back to Serbia’s National Team

It's been over a year since Adem Ljajic joined the Serbian national soccer through a direct invite from head-coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. But after a few appearances in the first few months of signing, Ljajic has … [Continue Reading]


Mirza Teletovic Making Noise in the NBA!!

Mirza Teletovic is considered one of the best talents to come out of Europe in the recent years. Born in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina,  grew up playing in a small city of Jablanica and took his talents onwards … [Continue Reading]


A Convincing Bosnian Win in Latvia

Despite a notoriously slow start to the game and a relatively dry first half, Bosnia found a way to put it together in the second half and finish the game with a convincing 5-0 win over Latvia. The impressive … [Continue Reading]

2014 Winter Olympics Bosnia

Bosnia: This Is Your Moment

The current commercial featuring the Canadian athletes brings a smile to every Canadian's face, but then the questions arise: Who do we cheer for in the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics? Do we cheer for our … [Continue Reading]