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pljeskavica burger

REAL STREET FOOD: Bosnian Pljeskavica

During your travels you've likely heard of the infamous Bosnian pljeskavica burger or have even had the pleasure to try one. A burger that typically gets lost in the sea of cevapi and sudzukice, the pljeskavica burger¬†is one mean style of real Bosnian street food. A burger that is done differently - not served on a bun, but rather a tiny round loaf of home style Bosnian bread called lepinja. But to further enhance the taste and to truly make the … [Continue Reading]


bosnian national soccer team

England Drops Below Bosnia-Herzegovina in FIFA World Rankings

FIFA did another round of its world rankings update on July 4th and surprisingly England dropped to 15th in the world - the team's lowest position since 2008. The more surprising factor is that England dropped … [Continue Reading]


Roberto Mancini Finally Out at Manchester City

Finally this weekend the Man City ownership has made the best decision so far this year by firing the most overrated self centered disliked manager in the EPL - Roberto Mancini. He guided Manchester City to the … [Continue Reading]


Bosnia Wins in Slovenia

The two nations once were part of one country. While one experienced minimal conflict in the war, the other was torn apart for several years and continues to rebuild. The friendly match saw Bosnia and … [Continue Reading]

sevilla FC

Another Bosnian Hits the Big Stage – Sevilla FC Sign Stevanovic

After months of speculation, Sevilla FC finally completed the signing of Bosnian midfielder Miroslav Stevanovic from Serbian side Vojvodina Novi Sad for a period of three years. The contract is slated to end … [Continue Reading]


Manchester United Set to Sign Asmir Begovic

One of the biggest clubs in the world is reportedly picking up the Bosnian goal keeper Asmir Begovic. Manchester United are rumored to be looking for a starting keeper to replace David de Gea who has not … [Continue Reading]

bosnia vs mexico chicago


Yesterday Bleacher Report released an article called "5 Things Mexico Boss Miguel Herrera Should Test in Preview vs. Bosnia" and highlighted 5 musts for Mexico vs. Bosnia in its friendly World Cup Road to … [Continue Reading]

alen halilovic

Safet Susic Keeping the Door Open For Bosnian Youth

After his recent call up to the Bosnian U-21 national team, Alen Halilovic has become the target of men's senior national team coach Safet Susic. He has extended an invite to the young Bosnian for the team's … [Continue Reading]

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