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mississauga world cup 2014

Mississauga Celebration Square to Feature World Cup 2014 Games

Are you ready for the FIFA World Cup? If you are, like the majority of us, unable to go to Brazil and watch Bosnia compete for the World Champion title, there are other ways to enjoy the games! The Mississauga Celebration Square Committee has approved that all finals (quarter and up) will be shown on the big screen. What a great way to get together, enjoy some sun, and meet new people! The committee will publish a schedule of all the games they will be … [Continue Reading]


angelina jolie bosnia visit

Angelina Jolie and William Hague Visit Bosnia-Herzegovina

This past weekend brought Angelina Jolie and William Hague – British foreign secretary- to Sarajevo, Zenica, and Poticari. Jolie and Hague took part at a conference in the Bosnian capital on sexual violence in … [Continue Reading]

international human rights day

International Human Rights Day Hits a Snag in Prijedor

December 10 marks the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 by the UN General Assembly and is commemorated as International Human Rights Day every year. This year marked the 64th … [Continue Reading]


Let’s Unite and Show Support for Life and JMBG – #JMBG

Let's show support for JMBG, since Bosnian politicians just can't seem to see the big picture - even twenty years since the war tore through the eastern-European country. The issue at hand now is the politics … [Continue Reading]

the weight of chains

The Weight of Chains: Just More Western Propaganda!

Recently I had the chance to view the documentary, "The Weight of Chains", which was produced in 2010 by Serbian-Canadian filmmaker Boris Malagurski. The lengthy (over two hours) documentary tries to analyze … [Continue Reading]

Prostitution: Legalize it in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Physically disabled athletes in Bosnia and Herzegovina definitely think it is time to legalize prostitution. This is being demonstrated by a campaign launched by members of the Bosnian wheelchair basketball … [Continue Reading]

azra basic

Dark Past in Balkan War Comes Back to Haunt Azra Basic

She spent nearly two decades as a dedicated American citizen leading a quiet life in a small suburb community of Stanton, Kentucky.  Isabell Basic lived a very low key life, and often worked up to two jobs in … [Continue Reading]

bosnia and bosnian spring

Joshua Keating Got it Right: Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost in Bosnia

What's going on in Bosnia? That's the name of Joshua's article from February 11, 2014 on the protests taking place throughout Bosnia. Many of us never thought that Bosnia-Herzegovina would be making major … [Continue Reading]