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mississauga world cup 2014

Mississauga Celebration Square to Feature World Cup 2014 Games

Are you ready for the FIFA World Cup? If you are, like the majority of us, unable to go to Brazil and watch Bosnia compete for the World Champion title, there are other ways to enjoy the games! The Mississauga Celebration Square Committee has approved that all finals (quarter and up) will be shown on the big screen. What a great way to get together, enjoy some sun, and meet new people! The committee will publish a schedule of all the games they will be … [Continue Reading]



Kosovo Hero Acquitted of War Crimes

Kosovo hero Ramush Haradinaj was accused by the prosecutors of persecuting ethnic Serbs in an effort to drive them out during the war between Kosovo and Serbia that lasted from 1998-1999. He served¬† briefly as … [Continue Reading]

bosnia war crime monster

Bosnia Jails the Monster From Grbavica

The highest court in Bosnia on Friday convicted 'the monster from Grbavica' of multiple counts of murder, rape, torture, looting and kidnapping during Bosnia's 1992-95 war by sentencing him to 45 year in prison … [Continue Reading]

prijedor bosnia

A Look at The Forgotten Genocide of Prijedor Documentary

Twenty one years ago this past August, marked the month since a small group of British journalists entered the gates of an iron mine in the municipality of Prijedor. During their entry, they discovered a truth … [Continue Reading]

the weight of chains

The Weight of Chains: Just More Western Propaganda!

Recently I had the chance to view the documentary, "The Weight of Chains", which was produced in 2010 by Serbian-Canadian filmmaker Boris Malagurski. The lengthy (over two hours) documentary tries to analyze … [Continue Reading]

opertation storm - operacija oluja

18 Years Ago Today: Bosnian and Croatian Forces Meet During Operation Storm (Operacija Oluja)

On August 4 1992 Croatian forces launched Operation Storm in Croatia in what ended up being the last major battle of the in the ex-Yugoslavian war. The battle was launched across a 630-kilometer frontage … [Continue Reading]

Criminals Are Just One of Many Issues in Bosnia

"Jebes drzavu bez osnovnog zakona." That's how we wanted to title this post, because what happened in this video in front Sarajevo's court is simply devastating, not just for those who have connections with … [Continue Reading]

bosnian youth

United Nations Striving to Provide Opportunities For the Bosnian Youth

Many have estimated this population total to be nearly 1 million people. The sad reality though is the youth unemployment rate which continues to hover around 57% and stands as one of the highest rates for … [Continue Reading]