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Mirza Teletovic vs Lebron

Admiring the New Role of Mirza Teletovic

Mirza Teletovic joined the Brooklyn Nets at the age of 27 and since has become the longest serving Net not named Brook Lopez, Deron Williams or Joe Johnson. He initially struggled to fit in, mostly due to his size and the lacklusture coaching of Avery Johnson and PJ Carlesiomo. However, the one year tenure of Jason Kidd, he presented Mirza Teletovic an opportunity to come out of his shell and show the NBA world what he's made of. Mirza didn't … [Continue Reading]


adem ljajic

The National Anthem is Stopping Adem Ljajic From Going Back to Serbia’s National Team

It's been over a year since Adem Ljajic joined the Serbian national soccer through a direct invite from head-coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. But after a few appearances in the first few months of signing, Ljajic has … [Continue Reading]

bosnia vs argentina hilton

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Argentina – Bosnians Displeased With End Result

Even a heavily partisan Bosnian crowd wasn't enough to motivate Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Argentina this past Monday night. A crowd of 30,397 fans were on hand for the game in St. Louis, with at least 30,000 of … [Continue Reading]

usa vs bosnia

The Much Needed Warning – Bosnia-Herzegovina vs United States Recap

The end result from the friendly match between Bosnia-Herzegovina and United States was a disappointment for the Bosnian side, but a fair warning just ahead of the final four World Cup Qualifying matches. The … [Continue Reading]

champions league

Barca vs. PSG – Our Thoughts Ahead of the Champions League 2nd Leg

If the first leg of the Champions League quarter final between Barecolana and Paris Saint-Germain didn't get your heart racing, surely this week's second leg at Camp Nou is expected to be a thriller as the … [Continue Reading]


Zeljeznicar Moving Onto UEFA Champions League Qualifying Again!

After a slow start to the 2012-13 season, Zeljeznicar found a way to pull it together and retain the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Premier League title. Despite many injuries in the first half of the season, Zeljo … [Continue Reading]

partizan, fk sarajevo

January 2014 – Partizan vs. Sarajevo Friendly

Balkan soccer winter break has been in effect for nearly a month now, but training sessions and friendlies are already being planned for January 2014 - just ahead of the second part of the season. FK Sarajevo … [Continue Reading]


The Imaginary Yugoslavian Soccer Team Today

As big sports fans, it's not hard for us to reflect back to the once existing Yugoslavian soccer team. This reflection has lead us at times to ask ourselves an open-ended question: Where would Yugoslavia be … [Continue Reading]