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mississauga world cup 2014

Mississauga Celebration Square to Feature World Cup 2014 Games

Are you ready for the FIFA World Cup? If you are, like the majority of us, unable to go to Brazil and watch Bosnia compete for the World Champion title, there are other ways to enjoy the games! The Mississauga Celebration Square Committee has approved that all finals (quarter and up) will be shown on the big screen. What a great way to get together, enjoy some sun, and meet new people! The committee will publish a schedule of all the games they will be … [Continue Reading]


world freedom press

World Press Freedom: Bosnia Drops in Rankings

Earlier this year Reporters without borders has published the 2013 world press freedom index, which ranked 179 countries on freedom of press. Many criteria have been considered to achieve an index, such as … [Continue Reading]

republika sprksa

Some Still Calling For Demise of Bosnia

January 9th marked the 21st anniversary of the foundation of Republika Srpska, a Serb-dominated entity. Yet, it's president Milorad Dodik continues to call for Bosnia's demise and has come out to openly say … [Continue Reading]

landmine removal in bosnia,

Lack of Canadian Help on Landmine Removal in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Landmine removal in Bosnia has been a very slow process. Almost 20 years after the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of Europe's poorest nations, the region remains heavily plagued by landmines. … [Continue Reading]

Are You Ashamed to Say You’re Bosnian?

Are you ashamed to say you're Bosnian? What do you think the future holds for Bosnia and Herzegovina? I am not just asking financially, I'm asking as a whole country in all avenues. We have come along way since … [Continue Reading]


Mostar Still Heavily Divided

One of the most beautiful city's in the Balkans is also one of the most divided and that divide is affecting almost 600 residents who depend on public kitchens for a place to warm up and receive a warm … [Continue Reading]

new generation

New Generation Leaving War Memories and Politics Behind

A photo can symbolize many things and even tell a story. A photograph that hit the Internet over the weekend has taken the world media by storm as it possibly symbolizes a new generation of hope in Bosnia. The … [Continue Reading]

the weight of chains

The Weight of Chains: Just More Western Propaganda!

Recently I had the chance to view the documentary, "The Weight of Chains", which was produced in 2010 by Serbian-Canadian filmmaker Boris Malagurski. The lengthy (over two hours) documentary tries to analyze … [Continue Reading]